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Earth. Just how old are things, like people?

I had this thought & posted it yesterday in response to a video about a man named Robert Shaw, who’s set out to try to pin down a more accurate history of the Sphinx, and he kind of wandered off, but got the general idea across that early (& current academic) Egyptologists are full of beans, and it’s much older than previously thought. I think it’s probably very, VERY MUCH older. Here’s my thought:

If the Earth is 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) years old, let’s see how many times it might be possible for an intelligent civilization to evolve, leave, or be wiped out and start over, leading to us here, today. For the sake of argument and some reasonable sensibility, throw out the first 3 billion years for use making this planet habitable for life, and land roaming animals. That leaves 2 billion years to “be fruitful & multiply.” If it might take 100,000 years to “grow” an advanced civilization, guess how many times it could happen in 2 billion years? I get 20,000 times. Too many? Okay, cut that in half and say it took twice as long to wipe out nearly every trace of a previous civilization, and we still have an absurd number of times this planet could have been occupied by people just as smart as we.

How many times would you like to divide this to be comfortable with it? If we take the roughly 5-7 thousand years of biblical history, be generous and add another 3 millennia to learn to write & read, and we’d get an even higher number of possible prior civilizations here, long before us. So, now who do you think built the pyramids, the same who built the Sphinx? The same who built the other pyramids around, and the amazing construction used in Peru? Perhaps 2 or three ahead of us? But then, how many might be buried under miles of ice in Antarctica, or a thousand feet of sand in the Sahara, or Gobi, or both, or at the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

Here’s the thing, our history is basically unknown, the only thing more unknown is the effort it will take to learn the truth. Truth hidden more deeply by idiotic paradigms used by our early archeologists, who cast aside everything that didn’t fit what they thought they SHOULD find in Egypt, and elsewhere.

Personally, I like to poke ‘em in the nose for what they’ve wasted of knowledge.


JUNK – both in orbit and in our oceans

 Orbital Space Junk Collector/Remover

We desperately need some new type of craft designed and equipped with several methods of space junk removal.  This intensely complex job would be accomplished by either collecting large pieces of space junk & loading it into a cargo bay for return to Earth, or by having the ability to completely disintegrate smaller pieces with a High Energy Laser or some other type of impulse gun, perhaps something as yet unrealized using a plasma discharge canon for example.  Lastly, we might consider devising a way to launch very large pieces towards the sun.  As we can plainly see currently, no such (portable) equipment with any of these alternatives is known to exist, and the amount of orbital debris increases exponentially with every new launching into space for whatever purpose, by whomever.

On October 4th of this year, we will mark 60 years of regularly putting things in Earth’s orbital space by mankind, and not bothering to remove any of it.  Right now, this new equipment is urgently needed to clean up at least the majority of trash currently orbiting our planet.  It has already become downright dangerous to launch anything new into space for permanent orbit around Earth due to the high number of little bits & other pieces like large chunks of outdated, unused, or broken pieces of previous satellites and launch vehicles.

It’s believed these pieces of junk number in the multi-millions, and range in size from that of a small screw to large rocket boosters, fuel tanks, and/or engines left to orbit indefinitely, until it’s orbit decays enough to descend into the atmosphere & burn up, or it hits something else and is destroyed by the impact, OR creates many more smaller pieces going in unpredictable directions, creating even more of a dangerous hazard to both new spacecraft, satellites, human scientists, astronauts, passengers, and pilots.

Taking humans into space is dangerous enough without worrying about getting destroyed by something you can’t even see coming.  And, now we’re talking about taking passengers into space for a “joy ride?” Until this hazardous mess is cleaned up, that seems simply an absurdly dangerous venture. Why not make it safe from attack by flying junk, first?

If we wait much longer to go after this stuff and remove it, there will soon be no choice but to stop all other launches until the problem can be resolved by launching at least one new cleanup vehicle. I seriously doubt anyone would like that invocation very much at all.  Is anyone even considering such a space cleanup program at this time? All I’ve heard so far are complaints about the amount of junk up there.

While we’re at it, would someone please begin cleaning up our oceans?  The amount of plastic pollution in our waters is just plain disgusting, and it’s deadly harmful to most sea life.

JUNK!!!  Why are we just leaving it there?  Why are we continuing to add to it?

LG “Zeek” Duff

May 26, 2017

The Game

If you’ve never played the old Chinese game of “Go,” then today’s set of current events might be a bit confusing.  If you HAVE played Go, then you know exactly what’s going on here. The “expert” way to play is to lay out so many fronts, your opponent can’t follow what you’re doing to their territory. The “trick” is to leave plenty of openings you can close quickly, preferably several at once.  Once the majority of the board is captured, the outcome is obvious, a win for the best tactics used to acquire the most territory using the fewest pieces necessary to mark off your spaces.  If you’ve been really watching the movements on the planetary “board,” the US has a large strategic advantage over all the other players, and it’s actually a huge one.

Let’s take just one example most current; all 3 of our most advanced warships, the nearly radar-invisible Zumwalt Class Destroyers are in the Pacific.  The original, the USS Zumwalt has been positioned near South Korea since February.  I don’t know exactly where the other 2 Zumwalts are, but I do know they’re in the Pacific, and undoubtedly positioned where they can move quickly to wherever needed, and they DO move quickly & quietly. If all 3 are anywhere within striking distance of North Korea, that puts 240 nuclear-capable missile launchers right in Kim Jong-un’s face. Even with “conventional explosive” warheads, those 3 ships alone could pretty much level the surface of the whole board of North Korea.  This is not even involving our submarine fleet, which is massive, and where they’re deployed at any given time is kept “Above Top Secret.”  You can bet even tRump doesn’t know where they are. We’re not even sure exactly how many there are, but it’s nearing 100 nuclear powered boats that can stay hidden for months without surfacing for anything, not even for launching multipli-warheaded missiles.  That’s done from under water.  And yes, they’re ICBMs that can strike anywhere on Earth, the multiple-warheads can split apart and destroy up to 5 different targets.

This scenario would leave the rest of the Pacific Fleet to knock down anything, and I do mean ANYTHING Kim Jong-un might be able to launch before he’s ended, completely. There is roughly 100 times the entire firepower used in WWII in that single fleet, alone. Never mind our other fleets, the Air Force, and coastal defenses, and not to worry about any satellites he may have capable of sending massive EMPs from our supposedly “defenseless” southern border, they’d be taken down simultaneously with the initial attack. Kim Jong-un would be nearly instantly defanged, forever. The rest of the world & the general public in the USA wouldn’t even know anything had happened until they were told after it’s already over.  Kim Jong-un will attempt to hide himself & much of his population in tunnels, but today’s MOAB dropped in Afghanistan is kind of a bomb “test” to examine just how well tunnels are collapsed. And, that’s the main purpose of a 21,000 pound bomb, concussive effect, not shrapnel or any other usual bomb effects. We’ll soon hear how well it worked, & I suspect it worked quite well.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not approving of any of this Incredibly massive destruction, I’m just saying it is what we CAN do, and what the world-running billionaire cabal of the Military-Industrial-Complex could order up through Congress, giving tRump the “credit.”  I think it’s possible, mainly because it would send a powerful message to other would-be enemies of the USA, and might even do some good by stopping the inhuman actions of some dictatorships.  It would also validate much of tRump’s putrid BS rhetoric, unfortunately…

The Old Guitar Player Memories – Chapter 2 – How I got my first really good guitar.


Chapter 2 – How I got my first really good guitar.

In 1968, 2 days before Christmas, something made me pack up my stuff & move to San Francisco from Chicago.  On the way there, I saw my first real UFO, but this isn’t about that.  When I got out there, I stayed with some friends in Tiburon, where my first earthquake experience (& the only one, fortunately) woke me by tossing me on the floor looking out an open door, down a steep cliff, into the San Fransisco Bay. It had stopped shaking by the time I realized where I was, definitely NOT in Chicago, anymore. I got back into bed, but I don’t recall if I went back to sleep right away or not… But, this isn’t about that, either.

After wandering around a bit (2 weeks?), I ended up staying at vocalist Tracy Nelson’s house (she was on the road for her 1st album “Mother Earth” tour) in Berkeley with a mutual friend (& a LOT of dogs), another guitarist who was also just trying to do something musical for money, while watching “I Spy” reruns for the 150th time.  He eventually (maybe in a month) got a gig as Musical Director for singer/guitarist Lynn Kellogg, fresh from her staring appearance in the Broadway hit “Hair.” So, he left for LA & finally had a couple nickels to rub together.

In short order, and through some other friends, I found myself auditioning for the old Greenwich Village-borne “Blues Project” remnants, which had just become “Sea Train.”  That audition was at the heliport in Sausalito, where airplane hangers & offices were rented out to various bands as rehearsal space.  There were a lot of musicians hanging out, all walking distance from where I’d spent my first literally shaky night on the West Coast (and no where near Berkeley).  Okay, the area is too hilly to walk it much, but…

This was a short time after Steve Katz & Al Kooper had left to form “Blood Sweat & Tears.”  I had no idea who the company I was keeping were, or what all they were involved in.  I barely had heard of the Blues Project at that time.  Remember (*I* certainly remembered), I’d grown up 60 miles from nowhere on a Colorado dry land wheat farm, already had served a short, but back-breaking stint in the US Navy, a wife & son, a divorce, had played initially as a solo “Folk Artist” in ’63-4, played lead guitar in a C&W band (or 3 – hello benzedrine), jammed a ton of Blues with various people (some of whom you all know), all that in Chicago between 1963 & 1968 (USN was ’61-2).

This setting in early 1969 was just great, the band owned all the equipment, so I left my cheesy-ugly J-Pan Funkmaster Brand X guitar (puke yellow with a melted checkerboard pickguard, but it played well) in the case, and *I* played Steve Katz’s brand-new Antique Cherry Red Gibson ES-335.  WOW, I LOVED that AX!!!  I quickly decided that whatever happens next, I NEED me one of THOSE!!!  (A few years prior, I’d played my buddy’s ES-345 Stereo, and I told him I’d probably really like one IF it had a Bigsby tremolo.  The 335 is nearly identical to the 345, but not stereo [where each PU goes to a different channel or amp] & the 345 also has a Varitone, a tonal variation switch & not something I needed.  But, Katz’s 335 didn’t have the Bigsby tremolo, either.)

Longer story shortened (a lot of other stuff happened in SF), I didn’t get the gig, a couple of the guys loved my Blues playing, but I couldn’t make sense of Andy Kulberg’s guitar chart (he was a flutist, primarily – also played bass, but that chart was more like made for 6 flutes, the @#$%^&* wise-ass), and I defy ANY guitarist I know to have done so (looked like a large gaggle of flies took giant craps on the staff paper). So, it happened that someone else was standing just outside the door, heard my stuff, and invited me to come jam with his band, which turned out to be one-hit-wonder Gale Garnet’s back-up band. (“We’ll Sing In The Sunshine”) That guy I befriended (Larry Ramos?) eventually became a new member of “The Association,” (I think it was him, anyway) while Jules “Gary” Alexander was “on hiatus.”  I know those guys too, but that’s also another story.  We jammed for hours, then I went back to Berkeley, and I don’t think I ever saw any of those people again (I may have seen Larry Ramos backstage in Atlantic City during a short “let’s go get stoned” visit with “The Association” in 1986, but – I was stoned).  Turns out “Sea Train” used a number of great guitarists in years hence, including Elliot Randall, the guy who played that awesome solo lead stuff on “Steely Dan’s – Reelin’ In The Years,” i.e.  Wow, I wonder if HE ever saw that freaking chart..?

About a month later (end of March?), & thanks to a plane ticket from my newly-rich friend the Musical Director, I was back in Chicago, and unbeknownst to me at the time, about to become a major composing-playing part of a 10 piece, all-original rock band called “Sun.” The first band in history to ever be offered $100,000.00 by a major label to create their first album – that never got done – never even really got started on, and yours truly almost got killed… Well wait, some other important stuff also happened, first.

Just before the first jam with those “Sun” folks (on Flag Day – June 14th – 2 months before Woodstock), in early May I think, I met up with some old friends who told me the guy who had taken my bed in Berkeley had ODed on heroin & died, and his sister wanted to see me.  Turns out her brother had left one of THOSE Antique Cherry Red Gibson ES-335 guitars behind.  I played a “from the heart” thing for her on it I do not remember at all, and she left in tears, then the friend at whose house this occurred came into the room & told me THAT ax was mine, all I had to do was get a case for it. NO problem, man! Thanks!!!  I had a case the next day, I also believe it might even have been the original case, because the wear marks inside were from a Bigsby tremolo, not something seen on very many of these axes at all, and yeah, THIS ax had one.  Anyway, turns out that God had just given me this dynamite ax, made exactly as I’d desired, and it was the one I was to earn a pretty good living with for the next 20+ years…

Moving on… The Flag Day 10 pc jam went really well, to say the insignificant least, and it was decided an outstanding new band was just born.  (There were a few more than 10 jammers there, but that’s another story, too.) In the coming weeks & months, that band made some really great all-original music, we looked great, it was a ton of fun, but I really can’t go into ALL that happened with it in less than a year, here. Just when we were about score the big move into stardom; fame, wealth, all that goes with it, this awesome band broke up when the male lead singer freaked out & strangled me until I passed out. I was DEAD!!!  Then, I wasn’t.  I forgave him immediately, but he’s never really forgiven himself.  I last spoke with him about 15 years ago, and he gave up music.  Too bad, he was really talented.  I don’t think anyone ever has figured out exactly why he went nuts, but he did.  I think I know why, but it’s not really important to anyone but him & his dead mother…

Some of the people in that 1969 10 piece band “Sun” are still friends today; Richie Morales, Rocco Jans, & friends of those friends, Jeff Parsons, Nick Talantis, Norman Reim, and many more who simply aren’t on Facebook.  I wore out that Antique Cherry Red Gibson ES-335 guitar WITH a Bigsby tremolo, at least twice, and ended up trading the poor ol’ worn out gal for some recording equipment in 1994.  I probably should have kept it (my youngest son said, “You did WHAT?  You’re gonna die, dad!!), but I have many other guitars now, even some with Bigsby tremolos.  😎

Life DOES go on after what you might think were your highlights, all that crazy stuff was 48 years ago – and shit still happens, continually… 🤓

The Old Guitar Player Memories

I had a brand-new 1966 Gretsch Chet Atkins Country Gentleman for awhile, & the “Filtertron” pickups made that thing sound like a piano, it was SO clean. One of the nicest American Made axes I sure wish I’d hung onto. Wasn’t fond the muting ability, just use the heel of your hand, but the neck feel was great. Of course, back then we had to really play around to get “fuzz” & most other common FX everyone takes for granted today. A Phase Shifter was an engineer manually rocking the tape head in the studio, i.e. Couldn’t get that sound, live. The better amps usually had reverb & tremolo, but that was it. If you had some extra $$, you could get an Echoplex tape delay for true echo of maybe half a second with available infinite repeats & on into weird feedback FX, but they were cost-prohibitive for most & undependable, mechanically. If you wanted overdrive, you got a good tube amp (like a Fender Super Reverb) & crank it up until you just about couldn’t stand it (and risk blown-out speakers), OR you could GENTLY preamp it with another (small) amp brain & hope it didn’t start smoking (you had to take a speaker output & feed it into the input of your “main” amp, dangerous stuff, that). There was no “fuzz” or “distortion” box made back then. When you wanted “light gauge” strings, you’d move the whole set down one (so the ‘A’ became the low ‘E’) and use a banjo high ‘A’ for the high ‘E’. It’s easy to do with a Bigsby whammy, just hook the banjo string’s loop over the peg of the Bigsby. Otherwise, it was tricky, BUT there was only one weight string set, too heavy. The only way I’d really miss those bad ol’ days is if only I could’ve known then what I do know now. 🤗 HAH!!! 😎

Donald Trump supporters, this is how you were fooled, you fools…

Trump’s “outrageous” image team:

Stephen K Bannon – head of extreme right-wing Breitbart News

Kellyanne Conway – Right-wing Super-Pac pollster (and manipulator)

He fired or demoted the top of his original campaign staff, and deliberately went for those people who could generate the most disgusting image he could possibly portray to suck in the scum off the pond; the working poor who are falling behind on their bills, the uneducated, the generally unhappy with those who don’t think like them (like gay haters), thereby creating a massive anti-liberal army of the worst of the country’s bigots, jingoists, racists, misogynists, and magically, without trying or even calling himself a real Christian, he also recruited the most extreme right-wing “Christians.”  I put them in quotes, because of their agreement with the most severe un-Christian policies they support by supporting Trump, ala Mike Pence.

This was all a gigantic fake!

Soon, if not already there, hired infiltrators will occupy the protests, and they’ll be the ones starting fights & burning private property.  It’s easy for a few of those infiltrators to provoke attacks on Trump supporters and the police.  Shades of 1968, remember?  Those assholes belonged to the FBI, remember?  Talk about your “False Flag.”

You watch, he’s already backing off the most extreme campaign promises, and he’ll back off the rest by the time he’s sworn in, because most of the rest of his ponderous ranting is just not possible.  It’s either illegal or so severe, he’d lose every international friend & ally America has at present. He’s probably not that stupid, so expect it all to be so watered down, he’ll be just another politician who tells people what they want to hear until he’s elected, then the real agenda is gradually exposed.  IMO, that is one of creating an atmosphere for his businesses & his friends & cronies to make big money in the long term, and screw the workers and the rest of America.  This is all about power & control.

You wanted big change?  You ain’t gonna get it, unless it’s good for the 1%. The plutocratic oligarchy is still who rules our beloved America!!!  ADAPT, or FIGHT BACK…


Sick of lying media pundits? So am I, and I wrote this article in 2009 asking for a law to stop the political lies, at the very least. Suing for slander just doesn’t work, I’ve never seen a successful outcome, & only vaguely recall one attempt many years ago. The only way we’ll ever get truth in major media outlets is to make lying illegal.

Here’s what I said back then; posted on FB Oct 14, 2009
“I’m sick and tired of the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and other right-wingnut propagandists using the media to lie and promote hatred. I’m also sick of Fox News’ cable news channel’s outright lying and promoting an extreme right-wing agenda as “news,” and giving the right-wing hatred promoters a highly visible forum; a forum used specifically to incite what can only end in violence done by the susceptibly ignorant fools at whom they are aiming their lies and fear mongering. Enough. These “news media” people are breaking well established law with broadcasts akin to shouting “fire” in a crowded theater, and it’s time they were stopped and brought to justice. In addition, Congress should make “Lying in the Media for Political Gain” a federal felony, with a long prison sentence for repeat individual offenders, the special interests that fund it, and the media executives who knowingly allow and even encourage the practice. End this greedy lunacy, once and for all. We need news of issues and subsequent elections based upon truthful and factual information, NOT the lies and fear tactics of the greedy that’s currently allowed to be reported as fact. Make telling the truth to the public the law of the land!”

It’s now 7 years later, & the lying has gotten worse, not better…