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My How Time Flees…

December 3, 2012

Time doesn’t fly, it runs away! For example, I thought about this time last year, I would start a blog and put something into it at least once a month. Eh, didn’t happen. Oh, I started the blog, then lost the keys to it, then found them, then didn’t have anything to say. Well, nothing fit for anyone in their right minds to read, that is. SO, for some reason I decided to take a peek today, not realizing how long it’s been since I even looked at this stuff. WordPress, that is. YIKES! More than a YEAR???

It has been a busy year, mostly spreading my political opinions in petitions, on Twitter, more so on Facebook. So, no large thanks to my diligent efforts I’m sure, I got pretty much what I wanted, except for our local Rep. I don’t understand how this idiot got reelected, but stupid stuff happens. I could have worked harder at defeating him, but I also didn’t know much about his opponent. Whatever, it’s over for 2 years (Reps only last 2 years, and I hope Cory Gardner leaves on his expiration date), and I’m going to go ahead and work on other things.

I HAVE been tinkering with my ’04 Corvette ragtop named “Lady Contessa Blue,” called “Tessa” for short. (Pix on Right now I’m in the midst of installing a Kenwood DNX9990 Nav/DVD unit, which is turning into a lot more work than I was expecting. Initially, I had set it up to be done by a local Chevy dealer, a Vette specialist, and they backed out AFTER I had all the equipment in my hands, ready to go. Bummer. Long story, one I’ll save for another time. Anyway, right now I have to go grill some chicken breasts for Janet (my lovely wife), and then I’m gonna sit in the garage and make a list of stuff left to do on Tessa. I did find a vehicle wiring specialist about 15 miles away, gonna let him look at it next Monday and see how far/fast we can get towards completion. I probably should have sent the electronics gear back, but now I’m determined to get the job done, and done RIGHT. What I’ve done so far iS right, so we’ll see how this guy does/looks. More on that as time goes by, and for my one subscriber, I hope you’re still alive, and perhaps I’ll write something you’ll enjoy “down the road.” 🙂



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