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Little more, same day…

March 4, 2013

So, I took a little ride in Tessa, about 10 miles north on US 287 to the town of Berthoud, a “wide spot in the road” to most folks…  I wanted to see if the A&W drive-in was still operating, since the highway bypass opened awhile back. Good news, it is!  Like most A&Ws, it’s a cool place to see hot rods and other unusually cool cars, busiest in the summer on Fridays & Saturdays, of course.  There was about 10-15 cars there today @ 4:30PM, however mine was definitely the coolest car driving through at the time.  😀  

I didn’t have time to change the wire for the external subwoofer control, but the system sounds pretty good without the control connected.  I just need to change the crossover point, and need to be hearing it from the driver’s seat while doing it.  I’ll connect the wire next chance I get, probably tomorrow.  Everything else was working fine, and what a car to drive!  Pure joy for an old hot rodder.  😉

Time to play a little music on the CS-356 before dinner.  



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