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October 10, 2016

No, he won’t be getting any votes from our house, in fact no one in our family will be voting for him.  Not because we love Hillary, we don’t.  BUT, Trump is a fascist bully who cannot be trusted to do anything he says, doesn’t pay his bills, bullies those who don’t agree with him, and buys or tries to buy everything he can to get his way.  He’s not just an insulter of women, he’s an insult to the human race, and no one can be allowed to represent America who has the kind of disrespect he has for EVERYONE, not just women, which is more than bad enough to keep him away from the White House.

Some people want to “shake things up,” because the status quo hasn’t done enough for them, but if you actually DO your research, not just say it, but DO it, you’ll soon see this man has NO morals, NO decency, NO honesty, NO altruism, NO charity, NO righteousness, and NO good in him AT ALL.  He’s a piece of greedy filth who can’t be allowed to represent the values of America, because he HAS NONE.  The only thing he values is money, and more importantly, he only values schemes for how he can get other people’s money away from them and into his own coffers.

Do the work, look him up, look at all the people he’s screwed in life, look at how he bought his 4F draft deferment while your family & friends went to fight for your freedom, I did, and I also enlisted in the US Navy.  I don’t want that unqualified jackass to be our Commander In Chief, because he’s only qualified to be the Asshole In Chief.

No, Hillary isn’t a great person, she’s made mistakes, and she’ll make more; but she has not caused the kind of distress to humanity that Donald The Chump has & would cause internationally, if allowed to achieve the kind of POWER he now desires. NO, we simply cannot allow THAT.  Even if it galls you to no end to vote for Hillary, you’d better do it, because if you read the things he’s actually said about China, North Korea, Russia, the Middle East, et al, all of which he obviously knows very little about, you’ll see he’s dangerous, and would likely get us involved in a nuclear WW III his first 90 days in office.  Remember, he also said he could “learn all about rocket science in 90 minutes.”  He said that, really.  Dumb as a stump, Trump cannot be our next POTUS.

VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON or plan on losing everything…


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