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Donald Trump supporters, this is how you were fooled, you fools…

November 14, 2016

Trump’s “outrageous” image team:

Stephen K Bannon – head of extreme right-wing Breitbart News

Kellyanne Conway – Right-wing Super-Pac pollster (and manipulator)

He fired or demoted the top of his original campaign staff, and deliberately went for those people who could generate the most disgusting image he could possibly portray to suck in the scum off the pond; the working poor who are falling behind on their bills, the uneducated, the generally unhappy with those who don’t think like them (like gay haters), thereby creating a massive anti-liberal army of the worst of the country’s bigots, jingoists, racists, misogynists, and magically, without trying or even calling himself a real Christian, he also recruited the most extreme right-wing “Christians.”  I put them in quotes, because of their agreement with the most severe un-Christian policies they support by supporting Trump, ala Mike Pence.

This was all a gigantic fake!

Soon, if not already there, hired infiltrators will occupy the protests, and they’ll be the ones starting fights & burning private property.  It’s easy for a few of those infiltrators to provoke attacks on Trump supporters and the police.  Shades of 1968, remember?  Those assholes belonged to the FBI, remember?  Talk about your “False Flag.”

You watch, he’s already backing off the most extreme campaign promises, and he’ll back off the rest by the time he’s sworn in, because most of the rest of his ponderous ranting is just not possible.  It’s either illegal or so severe, he’d lose every international friend & ally America has at present. He’s probably not that stupid, so expect it all to be so watered down, he’ll be just another politician who tells people what they want to hear until he’s elected, then the real agenda is gradually exposed.  IMO, that is one of creating an atmosphere for his businesses & his friends & cronies to make big money in the long term, and screw the workers and the rest of America.  This is all about power & control.

You wanted big change?  You ain’t gonna get it, unless it’s good for the 1%. The plutocratic oligarchy is still who rules our beloved America!!!  ADAPT, or FIGHT BACK…


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