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The Game

April 13, 2017

If you’ve never played the old Chinese game of “Go,” then today’s set of current events might be a bit confusing.  If you HAVE played Go, then you know exactly what’s going on here. The “expert” way to play is to lay out so many fronts, your opponent can’t follow what you’re doing to their territory. The “trick” is to leave plenty of openings you can close quickly, preferably several at once.  Once the majority of the board is captured, the outcome is obvious, a win for the best tactics used to acquire the most territory using the fewest pieces necessary to mark off your spaces.  If you’ve been really watching the movements on the planetary “board,” the US has a large strategic advantage over all the other players, and it’s actually a huge one.

Let’s take just one example most current; all 3 of our most advanced warships, the nearly radar-invisible Zumwalt Class Destroyers are in the Pacific.  The original, the USS Zumwalt has been positioned near South Korea since February.  I don’t know exactly where the other 2 Zumwalts are, but I do know they’re in the Pacific, and undoubtedly positioned where they can move quickly to wherever needed, and they DO move quickly & quietly. If all 3 are anywhere within striking distance of North Korea, that puts 240 nuclear-capable missile launchers right in Kim Jong-un’s face. Even with “conventional explosive” warheads, those 3 ships alone could pretty much level the surface of the whole board of North Korea.  This is not even involving our submarine fleet, which is massive, and where they’re deployed at any given time is kept “Above Top Secret.”  You can bet even tRump doesn’t know where they are. We’re not even sure exactly how many there are, but it’s nearing 100 nuclear powered boats that can stay hidden for months without surfacing for anything, not even for launching multipli-warheaded missiles.  That’s done from under water.  And yes, they’re ICBMs that can strike anywhere on Earth, the multiple-warheads can split apart and destroy up to 5 different targets.

This scenario would leave the rest of the Pacific Fleet to knock down anything, and I do mean ANYTHING Kim Jong-un might be able to launch before he’s ended, completely. There is roughly 100 times the entire firepower used in WWII in that single fleet, alone. Never mind our other fleets, the Air Force, and coastal defenses, and not to worry about any satellites he may have capable of sending massive EMPs from our supposedly “defenseless” southern border, they’d be taken down simultaneously with the initial attack. Kim Jong-un would be nearly instantly defanged, forever. The rest of the world & the general public in the USA wouldn’t even know anything had happened until they were told after it’s already over.  Kim Jong-un will attempt to hide himself & much of his population in tunnels, but today’s MOAB dropped in Afghanistan is kind of a bomb “test” to examine just how well tunnels are collapsed. And, that’s the main purpose of a 21,000 pound bomb, concussive effect, not shrapnel or any other usual bomb effects. We’ll soon hear how well it worked, & I suspect it worked quite well.

Please don’t misunderstand me, I’m not approving of any of this Incredibly massive destruction, I’m just saying it is what we CAN do, and what the world-running billionaire cabal of the Military-Industrial-Complex could order up through Congress, giving tRump the “credit.”  I think it’s possible, mainly because it would send a powerful message to other would-be enemies of the USA, and might even do some good by stopping the inhuman actions of some dictatorships.  It would also validate much of tRump’s putrid BS rhetoric, unfortunately…


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