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JUNK – both in orbit and in our oceans

May 26, 2017

 Orbital Space Junk Collector/Remover

We desperately need some new type of craft designed and equipped with several methods of space junk removal.  This intensely complex job would be accomplished by either collecting large pieces of space junk & loading it into a cargo bay for return to Earth, or by having the ability to completely disintegrate smaller pieces with a High Energy Laser or some other type of impulse gun, perhaps something as yet unrealized using a plasma discharge canon for example.  Lastly, we might consider devising a way to launch very large pieces towards the sun.  As we can plainly see currently, no such (portable) equipment with any of these alternatives is known to exist, and the amount of orbital debris increases exponentially with every new launching into space for whatever purpose, by whomever.

On October 4th of this year, we will mark 60 years of regularly putting things in Earth’s orbital space by mankind, and not bothering to remove any of it.  Right now, this new equipment is urgently needed to clean up at least the majority of trash currently orbiting our planet.  It has already become downright dangerous to launch anything new into space for permanent orbit around Earth due to the high number of little bits & other pieces like large chunks of outdated, unused, or broken pieces of previous satellites and launch vehicles.

It’s believed these pieces of junk number in the multi-millions, and range in size from that of a small screw to large rocket boosters, fuel tanks, and/or engines left to orbit indefinitely, until it’s orbit decays enough to descend into the atmosphere & burn up, or it hits something else and is destroyed by the impact, OR creates many more smaller pieces going in unpredictable directions, creating even more of a dangerous hazard to both new spacecraft, satellites, human scientists, astronauts, passengers, and pilots.

Taking humans into space is dangerous enough without worrying about getting destroyed by something you can’t even see coming.  And, now we’re talking about taking passengers into space for a “joy ride?” Until this hazardous mess is cleaned up, that seems simply an absurdly dangerous venture. Why not make it safe from attack by flying junk, first?

If we wait much longer to go after this stuff and remove it, there will soon be no choice but to stop all other launches until the problem can be resolved by launching at least one new cleanup vehicle. I seriously doubt anyone would like that invocation very much at all.  Is anyone even considering such a space cleanup program at this time? All I’ve heard so far are complaints about the amount of junk up there.

While we’re at it, would someone please begin cleaning up our oceans?  The amount of plastic pollution in our waters is just plain disgusting, and it’s deadly harmful to most sea life.

JUNK!!!  Why are we just leaving it there?  Why are we continuing to add to it?

LG “Zeek” Duff

May 26, 2017


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