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Earth. Just how old are things, like people?

July 23, 2017

I had this thought & posted it yesterday in response to a video about a man named Robert Shaw, who’s set out to try to pin down a more accurate history of the Sphinx, and he kind of wandered off, but got the general idea across that early (& current academic) Egyptologists are full of beans, and it’s much older than previously thought. I think it’s probably very, VERY MUCH older. Here’s my thought:

If the Earth is 5,000,000,000 (5 billion) years old, let’s see how many times it might be possible for an intelligent civilization to evolve, leave, or be wiped out and start over, leading to us here, today. For the sake of argument and some reasonable sensibility, throw out the first 3 billion years for use making this planet habitable for life, and land roaming animals. That leaves 2 billion years to “be fruitful & multiply.” If it might take 100,000 years to “grow” an advanced civilization, guess how many times it could happen in 2 billion years? I get 20,000 times. Too many? Okay, cut that in half and say it took twice as long to wipe out nearly every trace of a previous civilization, and we still have an absurd number of times this planet could have been occupied by people just as smart as we.

How many times would you like to divide this to be comfortable with it? If we take the roughly 5-7 thousand years of biblical history, be generous and add another 3 millennia to learn to write & read, and we’d get an even higher number of possible prior civilizations here, long before us. So, now who do you think built the pyramids, the same who built the Sphinx? The same who built the other pyramids around, and the amazing construction used in Peru? Perhaps 2 or three ahead of us? But then, how many might be buried under miles of ice in Antarctica, or a thousand feet of sand in the Sahara, or Gobi, or both, or at the bottom of the Mariana Trench?

Here’s the thing, our history is basically unknown, the only thing more unknown is the effort it will take to learn the truth. Truth hidden more deeply by idiotic paradigms used by our early archeologists, who cast aside everything that didn’t fit what they thought they SHOULD find in Egypt, and elsewhere.

Personally, I like to poke ‘em in the nose for what they’ve wasted of knowledge.


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