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No, he won’t be getting any votes from our house, in fact no one in our family will be voting for him.  Not because we love Hillary, we don’t.  BUT, Trump is a fascist bully who cannot be trusted to do anything he says, doesn’t pay his bills, bullies those who don’t agree with him, and buys or tries to buy everything he can to get his way.  He’s not just an insulter of women, he’s an insult to the human race, and no one can be allowed to represent America who has the kind of disrespect he has for EVERYONE, not just women, which is more than bad enough to keep him away from the White House.

Some people want to “shake things up,” because the status quo hasn’t done enough for them, but if you actually DO your research, not just say it, but DO it, you’ll soon see this man has NO morals, NO decency, NO honesty, NO altruism, NO charity, NO righteousness, and NO good in him AT ALL.  He’s a piece of greedy filth who can’t be allowed to represent the values of America, because he HAS NONE.  The only thing he values is money, and more importantly, he only values schemes for how he can get other people’s money away from them and into his own coffers.

Do the work, look him up, look at all the people he’s screwed in life, look at how he bought his 4F draft deferment while your family & friends went to fight for your freedom, I did, and I also enlisted in the US Navy.  I don’t want that unqualified jackass to be our Commander In Chief, because he’s only qualified to be the Asshole In Chief.

No, Hillary isn’t a great person, she’s made mistakes, and she’ll make more; but she has not caused the kind of distress to humanity that Donald The Chump has & would cause internationally, if allowed to achieve the kind of POWER he now desires. NO, we simply cannot allow THAT.  Even if it galls you to no end to vote for Hillary, you’d better do it, because if you read the things he’s actually said about China, North Korea, Russia, the Middle East, et al, all of which he obviously knows very little about, you’ll see he’s dangerous, and would likely get us involved in a nuclear WW III his first 90 days in office.  Remember, he also said he could “learn all about rocket science in 90 minutes.”  He said that, really.  Dumb as a stump, Trump cannot be our next POTUS.

VOTE FOR HILLARY CLINTON or plan on losing everything…


Whole world is sideways!

Okay, not the whole world, but both pix I uploaded to Gravatar came up rotated 90 degrees, clockwise.  I cannot find a way to fix that, they start out upright from my computer. WTF?  Anyone?

Little more, same day…

So, I took a little ride in Tessa, about 10 miles north on US 287 to the town of Berthoud, a “wide spot in the road” to most folks…  I wanted to see if the A&W drive-in was still operating, since the highway bypass opened awhile back. Good news, it is!  Like most A&Ws, it’s a cool place to see hot rods and other unusually cool cars, busiest in the summer on Fridays & Saturdays, of course.  There was about 10-15 cars there today @ 4:30PM, however mine was definitely the coolest car driving through at the time.  😀  

I didn’t have time to change the wire for the external subwoofer control, but the system sounds pretty good without the control connected.  I just need to change the crossover point, and need to be hearing it from the driver’s seat while doing it.  I’ll connect the wire next chance I get, probably tomorrow.  Everything else was working fine, and what a car to drive!  Pure joy for an old hot rodder.  😉

Time to play a little music on the CS-356 before dinner.  


March Brief

Well, I actually remembered I have a blog in under a year!  

Okay, the last post dealt with a few things that now need updating; 1st is politics, and the Sequestering of public funds.  I think I figured out why they call it that, rather than locking 12 people away without outside contact and instructions to not discuss “the case” in any way, the idiotic Congress has decided to do that with our money, and they can’t talk about it, either.  Well, at least the Republican leadership isn’t talking, except to place blame on Obama for “excessive spending.” Bull, anyone with a brain knows Obama can’t spend money Congress doesn’t give him with orders TO spend on what THEY “dictate.” Don’t believe me? Read the Constitution, that’s how our system works.  So, that’s started this weekend, and no one knows exactly how this is going to affect them, their families, their friends.  We’ll see though, soon enough…

Next, last month “Tessa” (my 2004 Corvette LeMans Commemorative Edition Convertible) finally got the Kenwood DNX9990 head unit and 2 cameras (front & rear) installed, along with a 250W subwoofer in the trunk, that my “specialist” connected the control box to incorrectly.  He used a 4 wire cable to extend a 6 wire, and I found it myself only after taking the car to 3 different places for opinions on why I couldn’t hear this “powerful” subwoofer.  Eh… Well, it was a harder job than my guy anticipated, and I think he got caught hurrying to finish, after having the car for 4 days.  Should’ve been a 2 day job at most, and that’s about the amount of time he charged me for.  Anyway… Bought a new cable, I’ll put that in today and go for a short drive to try it out, and charge the battery, circulate the oils (yes, there are several kinds of oil in the car) & coolant, because it’s been sitting for close to 2 weeks, due to inclement weather.  I don’t think ANY car likes to sit without being driven for too long.  Tessa sat in a shed in northern Minnesota for most of her life, until I got her in July of 2011.  Granted, I haven’t driven her a lot by anyone’s standards, but in under 2 years, I’ve more than doubled the mileage she had after the previous 8 years of existence.  2,800+ showing now, still new.  I keep being torn between driving Tessa a LOT (because that’s what she’s made for & she’s an incredible joy to drive), and keeping her mileage low for posterity/value.  I like to “go with the flow” in my life for the most part, so for now, I think I’ll let “the flow” determine how much this beautiful C5 Corvette gets driven. 🙂

Currently, I’ve been playing my “new” Gibson Custom Shop CS-356 w/Bigsby the most of late (with the choice of several guitars I like to play right now), an ax that I “got for a song,” because whoever took it in on a trade didn’t know to put a couple of small washers under the truss rod nut to “fix” the problem of having run out of threads to tighten it.  As a result, the neck was severely bowed, and the bridge was then raised so high for the strings to clear the upper frets, it was nearly impossible to play.  I added the washers (I just happened to have a box full of the right size), adjusted the neck to get rid of the bow, lowered the bridge, and NOW she plays like a dream…  I’ll make a video of me playing this beauty, a Custom Shop Gibson that is my “old age” replacement for the red 1962 “Custom Made Gibson ES-335 w/Bigsby” I actually DID get for a song in 1969 (long story for another time), the main ax that I played professionally for 29 years.  Put ‘er down only when I’d decided that the ax was worn out (again), and was too heavy for me to keep playing anyway, so instead of more extensive repairs, I traded her for some other gear.  I was already playing a much lighter ax, and “Miles” was just sitting in her case, doing nothing.  But, for years I’d missed the sound of the 335, and the feel of the neck, I really just wished the body wasn’t so big & heavy.  Well, this new one is exactly the right ax for me now; same type/kind of pickups and controls I used for all those years; the same sound, same neck feel, but this body IS a LOT smaller & lighter.  She fits right to me in my chair, is not too heavy to stand up with for a little while, and is cosmetically one of the most beautiful guitars Gibson has ever made.  I’ll take some pictures and post those soon, too.  I’ll hafta play her some more, right after I take Tessa out.  😉

Okay, that’s my update for awhile, I’ll try to stick with my earlier intentions of writing something every month (or sooner), meanwhile you can look for those pix & a video or 2…  Thanks!


My How Time Flees…

Time doesn’t fly, it runs away! For example, I thought about this time last year, I would start a blog and put something into it at least once a month. Eh, didn’t happen. Oh, I started the blog, then lost the keys to it, then found them, then didn’t have anything to say. Well, nothing fit for anyone in their right minds to read, that is. SO, for some reason I decided to take a peek today, not realizing how long it’s been since I even looked at this stuff. WordPress, that is. YIKES! More than a YEAR???

It has been a busy year, mostly spreading my political opinions in petitions, on Twitter, more so on Facebook. So, no large thanks to my diligent efforts I’m sure, I got pretty much what I wanted, except for our local Rep. I don’t understand how this idiot got reelected, but stupid stuff happens. I could have worked harder at defeating him, but I also didn’t know much about his opponent. Whatever, it’s over for 2 years (Reps only last 2 years, and I hope Cory Gardner leaves on his expiration date), and I’m going to go ahead and work on other things.

I HAVE been tinkering with my ’04 Corvette ragtop named “Lady Contessa Blue,” called “Tessa” for short. (Pix on Right now I’m in the midst of installing a Kenwood DNX9990 Nav/DVD unit, which is turning into a lot more work than I was expecting. Initially, I had set it up to be done by a local Chevy dealer, a Vette specialist, and they backed out AFTER I had all the equipment in my hands, ready to go. Bummer. Long story, one I’ll save for another time. Anyway, right now I have to go grill some chicken breasts for Janet (my lovely wife), and then I’m gonna sit in the garage and make a list of stuff left to do on Tessa. I did find a vehicle wiring specialist about 15 miles away, gonna let him look at it next Monday and see how far/fast we can get towards completion. I probably should have sent the electronics gear back, but now I’m determined to get the job done, and done RIGHT. What I’ve done so far iS right, so we’ll see how this guy does/looks. More on that as time goes by, and for my one subscriber, I hope you’re still alive, and perhaps I’ll write something you’ll enjoy “down the road.” 🙂


Am I Too Late?

I just created a Word Press Blog account, but I’m worried the Internet may die before anyone reads it. I’ve heard this is a fad, like TV, that it will soon die out when people lose interest. Look at TV, we only have 7 of ’em, it’s close to being rendered unfashionable, right?